Post Test Server V2

Some Rules

Imagine a world where everybody is a reasonable actor and nobody is a dick. In this world creating a service is an engineering experience in which we focus on the tech and enabling cool scenarios and not a security exercise dictated by the lowest common denominator among the user base. Fun world, no? Too bad. We don't live in that world. And therefore, I present these rules which you must agree to in order to use this service:

All rules fall into one of two themes:

  1. Don't be an ass
  2. Don't be a moron

1. Don't be an ass

  1. Do not spend your time discovering all the ways to DOS attack this service. There are many, you won't be the first to discover anything, and ultimately you get nothing of value.
  2. Don't upload data to other people's toilets. This is just annoying. And it forces people to enable auth which might not be alinged with what they are testing.
  3. Don't upload illegal content. This is a debug service, not your own personal Warez repo.
  4. Don't flood this with uploads. If a toilet contains too many dumps the new posts will result in old ones being deleted. Turns out storage isn't free.
  5. Don't flood this with uploads. If a toilet receives too many dumps per minute it will get clogged and fail.

2. Don't be a moron

  1. Don't upload private data. You shouldn't be testing this with real user information.
  2. Don't deploy a production system that points to this service. This happens and it leads to violations of rule #1.
  3. Don't rely on data in this system. Drives get full, boxes go down, and files get deleted. This is an ephemeral system.
  4. Don't push your code to Github with ptsv2 hardcoded in your unit tests. That becomes a DDOS situation if your project becomes popular.

Violations of these rules lead to IPs being blocked and features being removed. This sucks for everybody.