Post Test Server V2

What is this?

This is a service that you can point your HTTP clients' POSTS and GETS to which receives and dumps them so you know what is being transmitted. Basically, it's a shittier Request Bin that justifies its existence by providing a few specific use cases (like making dumps available as JSON blobs).

Some ways this has been used in the past include:

  • Building and testing SDKs for mobile apps
  • Developing HTTP clients on embedded devices
  • Intro to web programming classes
  • Low effort data logging solution
  • Victim of misguided DDOS attacks

Why is this?

This project began in 2009 when I wrote the first mobile SDK for Localytics. I needed a way to see what the device was uploading, test different server responses, and easily share weird cases with Andrew so he could point out what I did wrong. I solved this need with a 30 line PHP script that dumped the post in a directory on Dreamhost. Later, I made this public and Post Test Server was born. In the 9 years since I published it I got a lot of direct and indirect feedback:

  • Engineers would use this to their automated test cases, even though output was awful to parse
  • People got mad when this free service would go down
  • At least one person per week accidentally uploads something sensitive and needs a delete
  • I became the default URL for many spam bots, at times amounting to > 10,000 requests a second.
  • Enough real people use this that around noon Eastern time every day there are too many files for Apache
  • 1 month retention, became 2 weeks retention, became 1 week retention.
And so, after many years of telling myself I really need to update this thing, I've finally done so. The project is now written in Go, lives on Google's Cloud, and is significantly more useable.